Why Local Love?

Posted by Cassandra Birdd on

We spread Local Love by supporting Local Artists and Local Businesses with many of the products we carry.  We currently support over 40 local artists in our store.  I love our commitment to helping great artists feature their work in our store.  We also give a venue to budding artists who are just getting started on their business journey.  We want to support their efforts to live the American Dream. 

People always joke about "starving artists," and I see a very real barrier to getting started in the artist world.  Often times an artist's work is so time consuming and then adding the business end to it all can make success very difficult for many to ever sell on the open market.  We are blessed to have a location with enough space where the community can come together and see a variety of styles of art. 

We feature most of the artists upstairs in the local artist gallery, and some all throughout the store.  You will see the local love symbol in small frames or on the tag of most of our local products.  

We are now searching for several more artists to be featured in a new artist event.  More details will come on the timing of this event.  Contact our store if you are interested in becoming one of our featured local artists!  Come browse, escape, and relax while shopping our local art! Shop Local!

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