Top 3 Dad Memories

Posted by Cassandra Birdd on

My top 3 fondest memories with my Dad....

#1 I remember when my dad was going to school to be a mechanical engineer at the University of Iowa, and occasionally he would wake up extra early to make a stop before taking my twin sister and me to daycare.  We would stop at none other than Dunkin' Donuts!  My favorite donut he would buy for me was the glazed one with little cherry bits all over.  I would always pick off all the cherries to eat first.  Then my sister and I would stall and eat as slowly as possible!  

#2 My father-daughter dance at my wedding is one I will always remember.

#3 My father is quite the handy man extraordinaire.  He did electrical, hung signs, fixed everything, assembled furniture, and pretty much anything we needed help with to get the Treehouse back open in six weeks with the remodel going on.  He drove 6 hours round trip for 3 months weekly to help out, and he still drives up here often for more projects!  My dad rocks!  Thanks Dad!



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