Love Story #2: Love Under The Blue Light

Posted by Cassandra Birdd on

They always say that wonderful things happen when you least expect them.

36 years ago my career in retail management took me to Austin, MN as an Assistant Manager for K mart.

I never would have dreamed that the move would change my life forever.

I met Paul, the love of my life September 1st.  He was funny, kind, compassionate and had beautiful eyes that seemed to "Smile" when he looked at me.

On October 13th - Just a month and a half after we met....HE PROPOSED!

My surprise and shock lasted all of 1/10th of a second as I responded with a big "YES"!!!!

For the next 35 years we have shared a wonderful life filled with LOVE, Friendship, Trust, Understanding, and all the experiences life had to offer.

I can't wait to share the next 40 years with my wonderful husband with the smiling eyes!!! 


Treehouse Branch Manager

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