Love Story #3: Frog Hunting with Granny Franny

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Sometimes you have this memory spark that happens when you see certain things associated with loved ones who have passed away.  For me, frogs always remind me of Granny Franny!  As a child, my twin sister and I would visit her for weeks at a time in the summer.  We loved going to see her.  Her house was like a little getaway from reality.  She let us play in the sandbox, play tetherball, taught us to cook, let us play in the sprinkler to our heart's content, let us feel like her dog was ours, and encouraged us to learn to drive at an early age on the lawnmower and snowmobile. 

I would have to say one of the strangest "hunts" she took us on was a frog hunt.  We would go out after dark circling her house looking for frogs.  We often found mostly toads and a few frogs.  We would get so excited when we would see one! Once we caught them though, she actually let us bring them in the house.  We caught flies for them to eat in jars, and would watch them for hours until they ate the fly.  It sounds so gross looking back, but we would have frog races, and watch them swim in the tub.  We would name them.  It was fabulous.  Finally, we would let them all go jumping off the front porch.

After hearing our stories when we would come home, our parents would give her little frog items they would pick up at different shops for Christmas presents.  So, frogs always lead me to memories with Granny Franny.  The tears are starting, so I better wrap this up, but now, when my nieces, nephews, and grandchildren come over, we have continued the tradition.  Sometimes, I think God sends the frogs to my house when they are over to remind me of her because they always do.  Some people have cardinals that remind them of loved ones, I have frogs.

If you have something that sparks a memory of loved ones, add on in the comments! Jump in and see these frogs and more in our store!

--Cassandra Birdd
Owner of Treehouse Gift & Home



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  • I love these. I am definitely going to stop in!!!! Too cute!

    Sherry Noble on

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