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Going to market each year is one of the adventures we love most.  We find it so refreshing to see all the newest and hottest trends hitting the marketplace for the coming year!  With three buildings towering 20 stories high, we have so much to see in a four day window.  Cathi, Kelli, and Cassandra just have such a blast choosing each season's new decor.  Scope out just a few of the photos from this year's trip and our Top 3 Favorite new gifts.  (It was so hard to choose!)

Our Top 3 New Gifts for 2023 would have to include the following:

  1. Silhouette Touch Lamp & Melt Warmers
    touch lamp

Available in Silver, Black, and browns, and even more styles, these lamps not only have a touch option for 3 different brightness modes, but if you so choose, you could also use them as a melt warmer to add a refreshing scent to the air! 

#2 Personalizable Crystals

We can now take a photo you have and turn it into a lasting personalized memory within two weeks! 3D images in Crystal create lovely gifts for all different occasions, weddings, birthdays, baby gifts, anniversaries, and more. 

crystal photos

We can't wait to help you personalize your photos in Crystal. Give us a call at 608-433-7896 to order today.


  1. Lotion Candles – our new lotion candles by Kara from creative energy candles were developed from a unique recipe featuring 100% soybean wax, organic extra virgin coconut oil and essential oil blends. Lotion candles are a hand-
    Lotion Candles
    poured, scented soy candle that when lit, melts to create not only a beautiful scent, but also a luxurious lotion for your skin. Because it is made with all plant-based ingredients, it is suitable for all skin types. Naturally occurring vitamins A, E and K, minerals, antioxidant and anti-aging properties fill the candles with great benefits for your skin. These earthbound properties play a major role in protecting our skins elasticity and maintain an overall healthy balance. 


We found everything from new sunglasses, to beach towels that never get sandy, to flavored savannah honeys with tester pumps!  We loved the light up touch lanterns and the new paint by number kits.  Check out the cool new Jen & Co purses and wristlets, and the beautiful scarves for this year.  


Music speaks is the new Willow Tree® for this year and just looks beautifully graceful.  We have been wondering too if the Willow Tree Ornaments would be nice to carry for decorating gifts and also for another price point in the Willow Tree® collection.  The Beach towels have already arrived!  We will also be getting in new bath and body line called Lollia that features beautiful gift packaging including hand creams with the key turns, decorative bubble baths, and luxury perfumes.  Be looking

New Jen & Co purses

for these and more to be coming in soon!






Willow Tree

beach towels no sand spf




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