3 Tips for Using Candles Safely

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Candles create a unique mood in your home and release fragrances for all occasions. As you place them throughout the rooms, it’s important to remember that the open flame must be handled carefully. Candle-related accidents are responsible for many home fires each year. Keep these safety tips in mind so you don’t face any problems.

How to Use Candles Safely

1. Look for Fire Hazards

Before you set a candle down, look for fire hazards. Drapes blowing in the wind, a decorative tablecloth, paper materials, and combustible cleaners are just a few items that can ignite quickly. Ideal, the candle should be on a flat surface with no items beneath it and no flammable items around it.

2. Never Leave Candles Unattended



It only takes seconds for a fire to break out, so never leave candles unattended. Should a pet knock the candle over or a nearby flammable somehow ignite, you’ll be able to act quickly to extinguish the fire. You can avoid many problems by placing candles on shelves where curious pets can’t reach them and by teaching young children to never play with an open flame.

3. Dispose of Matches Properly

Sometimes it’s the spent match, not the candle, that creates the fire. Matches can still combust paper and other materials if an ember remains.

After lighting the candle wick, run the matchhead under the water faucet for a few seconds. Then, place them in a glass or fire-resistant dish to completely cool. You can toss them in the trash after 10 minutes, knowing that there’s no fire risk.


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