5 Christian Easter Gift Ideas for Kids

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Easter is coming soon, and finding the perfect gift to celebrate the meaning of the holiday is important, especially for children. Instead of typical chocolates, many other choices remind kids of the Resurrection and the message of this time of year. Below are five ideas to consider.

What to Give Your Child for Easter

1. Prayer Journal

Keeping a prayer journal is a personal way to build a connection with God. For kids, this is an opportunity to express themselves and keep track of their conversations with Him. There is no limit to what they can write, and it stays safe and private in their book. A prayer journal is a thoughtful gift for Easter for children of all ages.

2. Kids’ Bible

There are a variety of Bibles designed for kids. From picture books to audio versions, their own Bible will celebrate the Resurrection this Easter. For older kids who are ready to learn God’s word in-depth, you can give them a study Bible, which contains original scripture text as opposed to summaries found in versions for younger children.

3. Coloring Books

giftFor preschoolers or more artistic children, try a Christian coloring and activity book. The pictures they create depict stories from the Bible and are a great way to reinforce the lessons in each. Add a fresh pack of crayons, markers, or colored pencils to complete the package.

4. Prayer Box

Another way to get your kids thinking more about prayer is with a prayer box. Instead of using it daily, ask your children to save this box for their most precious prayers. These beautiful keepsakes are often hand-crafted and may contain an inscription on the inside. 

5. Willow Tree® Figurines

Willow Tree® is a registered trademark of Susan Lordi and DEMDACO. Their figurines feature beautiful scenes such as angels, couples embracing, family relationships, holidays, and other loving, spiritual designs. A new figurine for your child’s collection is a special way to celebrate the holiday.


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