4 Top Home Decor Trends for Fall of 2021

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With the arrival of autumn, finding ways to update your living space to match the new season is an excellent way to make your home festive and inviting. This can involve lighting fall-scented candles, swapping your home decor, and planting new flowers outside to match the changing colors. Here are several trends for this year to help you decide.

What Are Popular Home Decor Themes for This Fall?

1. Seasonal Candles

The quickest way to get into the fall spirit is by investing in candles with scents that match the season. Earthy fragrances, such as fresh rain, leather, and campfire smoke are popular during this time because they can add an outdoor ambiance to your indoor living space. Alternatively, if you want a more fall-inspired option, you can use pumpkin spice and cinnamon candles that make the entire home smell like you are cooking a delicious meal.

2. Textures

Mixing and matching textures and patterns helps your home resemble the changing foliage outside. For example, velvet throw pillows and flannel table runners create a beautiful contrast, making the home feel warm. Alternatively, you can use floral coasters, jute rugs, and wicker baskets filled with your favorite gourds and decor items. Getting creative with your materials will create a layered and inviting aesthetic.

3. Earth Tones

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With leaves changing color outside, mimicking earth tones indoors is the perfect complement. Terracotta hues, warm browns, and shades of red and orange are the perfect pairs for neutral whites and grays. This makes your home feel like a trip through a cool forest, especially when you add pops of green and dried flowers to give the living space a natural, organic feeling.

4. Knit Blankets & Cozy Pillows

Most importantly, make sure your home decor allows your family and guests to be cozy. With the dropping temperatures, many people love to snuggle under blankets, use throw pillows, and prop their feet on ottomans, so make sure your accents have soft textures and colors. Then, install a macrame planter or wall hanging to add additional warmth to the household.


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