3 Fall Shades to Include in Your Home Decor

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With the arrival of fall, now is the perfect time to revamp your home decor color scheme. While there are numerous rich, beautiful shades that capture the essence of autumn, you may have trouble deciding which one suits your style the best. If you're seeking some design inspiration, here are several options.

What Are the Best Fall Colors for Home Decor?

1. Emerald Green

Everything about the fall season is rich and vibrant, from the leaves on the trees to the tasty dishes served at Thanksgiving. If you want to incorporate a shade that evokes these same elements, emerald green is an excellent choice. This deep, lush hue pays homage to nature and adds depth and character to the space. Use it in small doses to avoid overwhelming the room, as too much of this color can take the focus away from the home. For example, consider velvet napkins, vases filled with baby's breath, or decorative bowls for your coffee table that feature this color.

2. Burnt Orange

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Orange is one of the most well-known and popular shades used to represent fall. It's featured in numerous autumnal elements, from the leaves to candy corn and jack-o'-lanterns. While classic orange might be too bright or jarring for a neutral space, you can achieve a similar effect with a burnt shade. This rich, cozy color is perfect for throw pillows, candles, and lampshades, as it adds a festive accent to each room. The end result is one that creates a warm, inviting aesthetic.

3. Rusty Red

For many people, autumn marks the start of apple picking season. If you want to bring this feeling into your home, consider adding pops of dark, deep red. The rust part of this shade keeps it from being too overwhelming or brash. It also helps evoke the transitional element of dying leaves, as the ground will be littered with the same hue, creating a cohesive feeling with your landscape. Use this shade in rugs, curtains, and wall art for a beautiful addition to any space.


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