1 New Home Improvement Project Idea!

Posted by Cassandra Birdd on

Looking for a Home Improvement Idea? SAVE 20% OFF 5 Styles of Drawer Liners with FREE LOCAL SHIPPING within 25 Miles of Onalaska, WI through April 4th ONLY.

I am guessing your have already cleaned your whole house 3 times over and organized your storage areas & cupboards. So we have a new idea for your other than the puzzle you're working on!

Last year, we were getting requests for these Drawer Liners. And, at first I thought, I remember my grandmother lined her drawers, but they seemed kind of hoity toity to me. But, the more time I spend at home, the more projects I keep looking to come up with for improving my space. My mind keeps moving back to these Drawer Liners, and they are beginning to sound like fun to me so I thought I'd share!

Not only are Michel Designs Drawer Liners scented, but they are beautiful. If you need a project idea that will improve the look and scent of your cupboards and drawers, you're in luck! We ship FREE WITHIN 25 Miles of the Treehouse in Onalaska, WI. With everything so organized, dress up your cupboards to the next level!

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