Trend Alert! Guitar Purse Straps & Bangle Wristlets

Posted by Cassandra Birdd on

One of the hot new trends we saw from our trip to Atlanta's America's Mart this January for our Accessories category, were the Guitar Straps.  We love the

Handwoven macrame strap

variety we found, and the textures and colors really give you a new avenue to express yourself. 

The functionality is great, guitar straps can strap onto a purse, small duffel bag, and can even be used as a more decorative camera strap.  We love this new idea for adding your personal touch and style instead of using the basic strap that came on your piece.

We also loved the bangle wristlets.  What a fun way to easily carry around your personal essentials effortlessly.  The bangle slides right over your wrist, keeping your access to cash, credit cards, lip

Bangle wristlet

balm and more right at your finger tips in a new, fun, and stylish way. Check out more at Treehouse Gift & Home or by browsing our website.

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