The Real Reason for the Season - Stop & Take a Minute & Remember

Posted by Cassandra Birdd on

Sometimes the hustle and bustle of this season can get so overwhelming, that we don't take the time to dwell enough on the Lord this time of Year.  Jesus is the Reason for the Season!  The Lord sent his one and only son to break the sin cycle.  Hope was born; love lived a life sinless for us.  He died and rose again, forever breaking the law of sin and death.  For those who believe in him, and who repent, which means to feel or express sincere regret or remorse about one's wrongdoing or sin, to turn about and walk away from that sinful life.  We are then told to be baptized in his name, Jesus.  Then we will receive his holy ghost.  I am sure thankful to serve a God of forgiveness, to serve a god who loves us enough to give us full access to him.  Wow what a wonderful walk it has been having a relationship with the King!

Original sin aside, can you imagine living even just 30 plus years without ever, ever having sinned as Jesus did for us.  What a careful choices he made daily to preserve his gift to us. 

I also could never imagine being Mary, and giving birth in a manger to the Lord's one and only son.  She definitely didn't have the nice clean hospitals we take for granted today, a shower in the next room over.  Wow.  How protective she must have been of her child knowing how much he meant to the world.  Jesus feels that way about all of us though.  We are so precious to him. 

Take some time this season to appreciate all God has done for us.   

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