Succulent Trend Alert

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One trend we’ve seen for this spring is decorating with softer colored succulents. Look for the type that are very realistic and offer a variety of soft colors.  ​The color can vary from green to pink and purple on the same stem, they are getting so popular that even black succulents are trendy this year! ​

​Succulents have long since been a favorite plants for several reasons, one being, that the live succulents seem fairly easy to keep alive. If you forget to water one for a long time, like most of us tend to do, you’ll find they thrive anyway! They actually like dry soil. So, each year I fill a bird bath out front with some new live succulents. I water them a few times just after planting, and I let the Lord do the rest. Then, they live all summer and fall some even return to greet me the next year. You’ve got to love succulents; they make us all feel like we have a green thumb. By the use of color and texture you can instantly change the look and mood of your room!

Succulents mixed with terrariums have really emerged this year too! Try one on your office desk or even on a bookshelf in your home.  Make a room come to life by adding a little green! 

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