National Floral Design Day!

Posted by Cassandra Birdd on

Let's kick of Floral Design Day with some pro tips on designing three spring floral arrangements!  Click on this video below for all the tips and tricks in floral trends this spring at Treehouse Gift & Home! 

 As a recap, remember this quick example when filling a vase.  If your vase is 1' high, your floral arrangement above looks best no more than 3/4" high out the top above the vase if you don't want it to look top heavy.

Add butterfly picks to add in some spring color! Be sure to look at your vase from every angle it will be seen to see if any florals should be moved to open spaces.  Shop for bundles if you want to make life easy, and we have several at the Treehouse!  And, don't be afraid to break the rules every once in a while! 

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