My Favorite Teacher Memory

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My favorite teacher memory had to be when my twin sister got lost in Mexico City on our Spanish Trip to see the Virgin of Guadalupe.  The whole way there we were getting sick in the very back of the bus where the air conditioner was loud and not really functioning.  The tour guide and teacher kept saying hundreds of people would be at the site and not to stray from the group.  They even told us of a place to go if we got lost.  Of course, my sister was looking down at everyone's feet and walking, and eventually looked up to see who she was following, and saw nobody she recognized.  Meanwhile, I was asking Mrs. Stenulson where Lindsay was as we were lining up to go in the Shrine.  We kept combing the group and eventually lined everyone up to find my sister really was missing.  We searched that crowd up and down and couldn't find her even though she had to be one of the few blonds among a sea of dark hair.  Finally, 20 minutes later, which seemed like hours among hundreds of thousands of people, our tour guide comes dragging my crying sister back to the group.  My teacher and I looked at each other with a sign of relief.  After that, she made us hold hands through the shrine the whole day!  She deserved a nice teacher gift!  Come see what we have in store for your favorite teacher!

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