Memorial Day Event May 22nd - 27th

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A few years ago, I saw an Artist's painting of fallen soldiers that sticks with me to this day. Thinking about this painting reminds me of how truly blessed we are to live in this country on Memorial Day. It was fairly graphic. One third of the top section of the painting showed a bird's eye view of sunny day where a father and mother appeared to be throwing a tennis ball with their 3 year-old son and puppy on a green grassy cliff just few feet away from a very steep cliff at the water's edge. I felt a little nervous for the family with their son so close to the edge, but they were facing away from the edge. When I looked closer at the cliff that made of almost two thirds of the painting, I saw it was not made of dirt or rock, but it was made of soldiers from grassy edge all the way to the bottom of the cliff to the water's edge.  About half of soldiers in various uniform colors were holding both their arms and hands straight up to support the cliff with all their might. Their faces were twisted and groaning from the weight of the cliff made of bodies and their fellow soldiers on their shoulders. Some soldiers were not standing. Some were fallen. It was a very bloody scene on the side and bottom of the cliff. So much sacrifice was painted that I still remember the scene years later. It was beautiful and terrifyingly sad all at once. The family was so beautifully free, and the soldiers were supporting their American Dream with precious blood at a great cost. 

We are truly blessed that men and women and families are willing to give their lives for our freedoms. I wish I could find the photo online to share it, but I have searched and searched, and now it will only be a permanent image in my mind.

Memorial Day always makes me so thankful and appreciative for all the soldiers and families connected to them who have given and will give their lives to protect our families, and our country's values.  Join us in the celebration and appreciation for all they have done for us. 

Give back to a soldier with our new Soldier Soap. Denise, one of our local artists, makes wonderful skincare products and has created the Soldier Soap to be her way of giving back.  When her son joined the armed forces, she found he was required to purchase all of his toiletries after arriving on base.  With each bar of Soldier Soap we sell, she will send one bar to a soldier overseas.  Add a personal note to help the soldier feel a little more connection to home.

Join us as we celebrate our military families.

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