Local Love Day: Saturday, Oct. 27th

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Come join us for Local Love Day, Saturday Oct. 27th from 10 a.m. - 3 p.m.

You will enjoy meeting the artists, craftsmen, and craftswomen who make many of our favorite products!  You may ask them questions and enjoy sampling.  Take a look at some of these examples of their work.  And thank you to the artists for all the giveaways we will have to share!  You don't want to miss this FREE event!

Win this Gift Basket full of Local Love Artist Favorites Donated by Treehouse Gift & Home!

Thank you to Linda Steine for the beautiful Riverside Park Gulls framed painting giveaway donation!  Come see her other works below!


Thank you to Paul Rops for this beautifully hand crafted wooden tealight holder donated for a giveaway winner.  Check out his other woodwork on Oct 27th!

Thank you to Jen Stier for the Wisconsin Towel Giveaway Donation!  See the embroidered pillows she makes as well on Oct 27th!

Thank you to Elizabeth Lindholm for Donating these embroidered toilet paper rolls for a Giveaway!  See the La Crosse and Onalaska coordinate pillows she makes as well on Oct. 27th!

Sample Linda's Coon Valley Fudge!

Thank you to Stephen Gilman for this watercolor framed Butterfly & Lily Giveaway! Come see more of his Watercolors, all under $15!

Bring your photos and memories to be custom framed and meet Julie Rinehart, our local custom framer!  She also sets appointments Wednesdays and Fridays weekly. Thank you Julie for the adorable Penguin Poster Giveaway Donation! 

Thank you Judi for the lovely Donated Owl Wristlet Giveaway!  Come meet Judi Ruedy who sews gorgeous quilted purses, handbags, and totes.


Come meet Robert Abbott, our very skilled photographer and retired engineer!

Look at the talent in Daryl Skrupky's colored pencil art cards!


Meet Sandra Vaughn and see her 1st Place Rooster Painting in person!

Come meet Gail Dent and see her beautiful watercolor cards and paintings like this one above.

Meet Tom Ashmore and see this wooden trinket boxes, intarsia, and more!



Come see Larry & Kathy Durfey.  He has a reactionary photo process and she makes mitten that match Whilst They Dream Hats, another local business quite well!

Meet Dave & Judy Meyer and see their half turned vases, canes, and utensil holders and more.  Some of the vases hold real or artificial flowers!


Meet Maria Esther Fleming and see her beautiful pieces, two of which are pictured above and below.

Meet Thomas Lyons and see three versions of his gorgeous Creche to go with your Willow Tree ® collection.  


We are getting so excited to host these amazing local artists!  Come join in on the fun and sign up for the giveaways!

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