Showing of "Inner Peace" by Peter Lik

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"Inner Peace" is breathtaking.  Featured in the Smithsonian Museum, we will be showing this fabulous photograph as well as Peter Lik's "Moonlit Dreams" now through Saturday, Dec. 22, 2018.  Come take a look for yourself in the Art Gallery Upstairs.  This is my kind of Christmas Tree!

Portland, Oregon
"Standing beneath the canopy of this Japanese Maple tree was an incredible feeling - I was in awe as the late afternoon light back-lit the delicate leaves. Every branch told its own story, and I felt this special tree had so much to tell. I truly felt an indescribable energy - a total connection with Mother Earth. I used a really wide-angle lens to reach out to as much of the tree as possible. I put my camera on the ground to give me a strong perspective to shoot up into the skies. As the sun sunk toward the horizon, the tree came to life with an incredible display of color, shape and texture - its rays burst into a star within the tree. It was a magical moment when I pressed the shutter - one I’ll never forget. I hope I can bring to you the rush of emotions I experienced. Enjoy." -Peter Lik

"Inner Peace"

"Moonlit Dreams"

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