Celebrating Dad... I'll never forget

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I wonder what thought crossed my Dad's mind when he realized he was having twins!  So we have this coffee mug in the store that says, Dad, the Older I Get, the Smarter you become...so true.  My father has taught me to love learning and the importance of education.  I sometimes I wonder how different life would be had he not taught me so many life skills.

While I was growing up my dad was always Mr. Fix it. So naturally when something breaks at the Treehouse, Dad gets a call! He has taught me a lot over the years from electrical, to painting, to working on a lathe, yes, my father has been very handy to have around.  I still remember turning 16, and my dad taught me how to drive a manual transmission car, how to change the oil, and even how to change a tire.  

I'll never forget the first time I had to use Dad's tire changing skills. I had gone for a shopping trip to Des Moines with gal from school who was a year older than I was. On our way back home, we heard this pop in our tire and started getting pulled right off the road. It was pouring outside, and we both looked at each other a little wide-eyed. Danielle was already in tears by the time we got out to see the tire was flat. Believe it or not, this was before the days of high schoolers having cell phones...I know, now I feel old.  So, we envisioned never making it back home. I told her not to worry, I had changed a tire before. But, I had done it on my car, not hers and I was feeling a bit lost without my sister's help this time.  We got out the Jack and the tire and started praying we'd pull this off.  And, no sooner had we started debating where to place the jack on her car, when a car had pulled over behind us.  We glance quickly back to eachother wondering how this stranger situation might go.  Thankfully, a woman got out and offered to help us with her hydraulic jack.  We were very blessed to have her help as it was pouring outside.  But, in the back of my mind, I was thankful to have been shown the ropes by good old Dad at least once had we not been so blessed that day. It's no wonder why I married a builder; I love having such a handy husband around!

I hope you too remember all the ways your Dad taught you the ropes this week. Dad is still quite helpful to this day at the Treehouse! Thanks Dad!

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 Share a memorable Dad story of your own in the comments! 


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