A Guide to Using Accent Pillows

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Accent pillows are an essential piece of home decor in bedrooms and living rooms. Pillows can tie a room together and create a cozy atmosphere. Here's a guide to help you choose the right pillow size, color, and pattern to add depth to your interior design and create a living space you'll love.

4 Types of Pillows to Accent Your Home

1. Square Pillows

Square pillows are often used as accent pieces for beds and couches. These pillows can be paired with every other shape and come in various patterns and color schemes. Depending on your preference, you can use these cushions by themselves or pile them up with others. 

2. Novelty Pillows

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Novelty pillows can come in any shape or size, often fashioned after a unique object, such as a star, heart, or animal. These are common in nurseries and children's rooms, where quirky accents fit cohesively with the interior design. 

3. Round Pillows

This style of pillow is more difficult to decorate with than other plush home decor options. They do not fit all styles of furniture and should be used sparingly. Many floor pillows are round-shaped, and they're great for creating extra seating in a room that doesn't have space for more furniture.

4. Lumbar or Bolster Pillows

Lumbar and bolster pillows are either rectangular or cylindrical in shape, and they serve a functional purpose. These standard or oversized pillows are usually used as the centerpiece in a cushion arrangement and provide back support for the person sitting against it. This type of home decor is often seen on queen and king-sized beds, amongst many others.


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