5 Tips for DIY Outdoor and Garden Decor

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We've gathered together a 5 tips to inspire your creativity for decorating your outdoor spaces with ease.  When it comes to your garden, for some of you it's your happy place, a place for peaceful getaways and a place for your mind to unwind.  With all the extra time you've spent at home, you deserve to spruce up your space this summer.

1. Add a bit of sound and beauty with wind chimes

Let the sound of hand tuned Corinthian bells get you in the mood to unwind in your garden.  Adding beauty and sound could change your whole outlook on the day by putting you at peace early in the morning. 


2. Harness a little wind energy by adding a garden spinner

Just watching the wind turn your spinner is can be truly mesmerizing. These colorful metal spinners can show you which direction the wind is coming from, add some form and color, and show you approximately how windy it is all by just looking watching it spin. With many different sizes and designs, they add a bit of personal style to any outdoor space. From bright blues and pinks with butterflies, to red, white, and blue simplicity, you can really choose a look that fits your personal style.

3. Garden Mailboxes

A fellow garden lover once suggested a unique idea to me. She holds all of her gardening tools protected near her garden, in a beautifully hand-painted mailbox.  With Treehouse Gift & Home Local Artist, Scott Archer, you too could order a hand painted floral mailbox/garden toolbox. (Plus it gives you another


reason to plant around the garden mailbox!)

4. Add lights

No garden decorating project is complete without a bit of old fashion mood lighting! Adding lighting right really will transform your garden sanctuary from just pretty to truly beautiful. Try adding garden string lights over a pergola or trellis, or glass solar lanterns and torches.  Adding light can create a cozy ambiance to any outdoor space. Edison style garden light bulbs are my personal favorite. We even have some solar powered string fairy lights in store. Better yet, even the thriftiest decorators will find a variety of price points available for adding outdoor lighting. 

Garden Solar Torches

Staking solar lights along your outdoor walkways and shining them up at nicely groomed bushes and trees can really transform your outdoor space. Try a realistic looking solar flame behind colored art glass for a classy artsy and fancy feel.  For more lighting inspiration, combing through Pinterest could inspire you to jazz up your outdoor lighting.

5. Add a bird bath or fountain

With a touch of water, you'll start to attract all sorts of garden friends and listening to the birds chirp and sing could add a whole new element of enjoyment to your yard.  If you enjoy the relaxing sound of flowing water, adding a beautiful dripping fountain or floral fountain can really enhance your enjoyment of your garden and outdoor spaces.  In Wisconsin, our summers and fall are the time to make the most of the nice weather days, and anything that allows you to enjoy that space more is worth it!  Adding a colorful glass bird bath or a beautiful dripping fountain could just be the change your garden needed to become your outdoor sanctuary. 

For more ideas, come visit the professionals at Treehouse Gift & Home! You'll find benches, stakes, solar lanterns, wind spinners, bird baths, birdhouses, bird feeders, wind chimes, and more.  Give us a call at 608-433-7896 today or drop by 9546 E 16 Frontage Rd, Onalaska, WI. 



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