4 Tips for Using Candles Safely in Your Home

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Lighting candles in your home creates a beautiful ambiance and fills the space with pleasant scents. They are especially popular during the holidays, and if you plan to use them, being careful can help you avoid accidentally damaging or burning your belongings. Below are several strategies to help you stay safe when lighting your favorite scents. 

How Can You Burn Candles Properly During the Holidays?

1. Monitor the Flame

Any candles you light should always be in your line of vision while they're burning. If you need to leave the room, extinguish the flame before exiting. Also, never light them before going to bed or taking a nap, as this increases the risk of an accident. Monitoring the candles constantly is especially important if you have young children or pets, as they may accidentally hit the table and knock the lit fragrances over. This can cause wax to spill and burn the surrounding area.

2. Use the Right Lighter

Trying to light a wick in a deep jar with a conventional lighter can result in burns, as you must reach into the container. Instead, invest in a long grill lighter, as this ensures your hand is far away from the flame. They are also easier to ignite, preventing frustration with lighting the wick. Plus, you don't have to turn the jar upside down when lighting the wick, which prevents wax from dripping on you or your household items.

3. Snuff the Wick

Candle snuffer

A snuffer is a metal tool with a small cone at the end that extinguishes a flame. They are useful because they deprive the fire of oxygen, ensuring it is completely extinguished. This is better than trying to blow out the candle, as it doesn't cause melted wax to move around. Additionally, a snuffer limits the amount of smoke that the wick produces, keeping the air in your home clean.

4. Move Flammable Materials

Paper products, hand towels, linens, and all other flammable items should be several feet away from open flames. Also, make sure there is at least 3 feet of clearance above the wick so that the heat doesn't damage your home's fixtures, such as mantles or bookshelves. If you plan to light multiple candles, place them at least 3 inches apart from each other.


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