4 Tips for Decorating With Rugs

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Adding rugs to your interior spaces will boost the aesthetic and practicality of the home. Whether your prefer natural or synthetic fibers, you can find an option that showcases interesting colors and patterns to transform the look of a room. If you want to add these comfortable pads to your home, below are several strategies to help you incorporate them naturally.

What Should You Do When Adding Rugs to the Home?

1. Define Open Floor Plans 

Open floor plans allow you to communicate with friends and family members freely throughout the home, even when you are not in the same room. However, it can be challenging to make each space distinct so that the home doesn't feel like one large room. When you want to break up the space, place a rug in each section. Utilize different colors and patterns, and place one beneath your dining table and on your living room floor to partition the areas. 

2. Adorn Beds & Sofas

A flat-weave rug with fringe along the edges can add pops of color to any bedroom. They can even function as an alternative to a duvet during the summer, as they require minimal maintenance and are easy to remove. All you have to do is roll it to the foot of the bed before you go to sleep.

Furthermore, you can freshen the look of sofas by covering them with flat weave rugs. Place one over the back and seat of the sofa and smooth it carefully. Then, tuck the sides into the crevice between the arms and seats.

3. Make Rooms Bolder

You can even make subdued rooms feel bold and vivacious with the addition of Rugs Onalaska WIa rug. For instance, a dining room with muted wall colors will look more visually interesting and dramatic with a bright floral pattern beneath the table. On the other hand, if the space already has bold wall colors or ornate upholstery, choose a solid color that naturally blends with the flooring to prevent the space from looking too busy. 

4. Offer an Excellent First Impression

Mats that feature meaningful messages and beautiful artwork can make guests feel at home in your residence. To do this, place one on both the exterior and interior sides of the door. This will add a welcoming pop of color to the entryway, as well as prevent guests from accidentally tracking dirt and mud onto your flooring.


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