4 Home Decor Trends for 2020

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At the start of any new year, you may be looking into sprucing up your home’s interior. Making changes to the spaces in your home can give it a warm, welcoming feel. Here are four home decor trends that are sure to be hot in 2020 and why. 

New Trends in Home Decor for 2020

1. Classic Blue, White & Black

Classic Blue is Pantone’s color of the year for 2020. You’ll find this rich hue in many of the year’s newest designs. From vases to wall art, blue pairs well with whites. Black and white is a vintage pairing that works well with blues and grays. Use these hues in combination in your tiling and cabinetry and in your tableware and decorative pieces.

2. Olive Trees

home decorLiving and faux plants and florals continue to be popular with designers in the new year, but the focus is on soft, subtle foliage with light green leaves.

Instead of plants with large, bold leaves, like those of the fiddle-leaf tree, interior designers are experimenting with wispy trees and airy plants. The Arbequina olive tree works well as an indoor plant. Because it bears fruit at a young age, you’ll have access to delicious, fresh olives if you find an attractive specimen for your home.

Unlike other olive trees, which typically bear fruit only after five to twelve years, the Arbequina is an early producer. Also, this unique variety is naturally heat-, drought-, and pest-resistant. 

3. Vintage Accents 

What’s old will always be new again, especially in kitchens, bathrooms, and main living spaces. Vintage lighting fixtures with a touch of patina, rubbed candlesticks, and distressed frames will give your home a touch of old-world charm. In the bathroom, a claw-footed tub and freestanding plumbing fixtures add visual interest and vintage appeal. 

4. Cozy Fabrics

If you want to follow a trend that’s as comfortable as it is fashion-forward, incorporate new fabrics throughout your home. Handwoven table runners and soft braided blankets add color and texture. Comfortable-chic accents are on-trend for 2020. Drape a luxurious faux fur over a sofa, add a chenille-covered ottoman to your den, or hang a few chunky-knit coverlets over a blanket ladder in your bedroom. 


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