4 Fall Home Decor Ideas

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From rich colors to the festive feeling of the approaching holiday season, fall is uniquely inspiring. If you want to incorporate more of the seasonal spirit into your life, start by switching up your home decor. Here are four interior design tips for the season.

How to Incorporate Autumn Home Decor 

1. Seasonal Centerpieces

Centerpieces are an easy and lovely DIY project. You can dedicate specific areas, such as a coffee or dining room table, to display your festive creations. It doesn’t need to be intricate or elaborate. For example, you could use a lantern or candle as a focal point and place branches, pine cones, leaves, or autumnal flowers around it for a simple and elegant display. Use colors like burnt orange, yellow, and red.

2. Decorative Gourds

home decorNothing says autumn like a gourd. Larger varieties can look beautiful on their own, or you can complement them with other festive pieces, such as vines. Because real plants and gourds will spoil within a couple of weeks, consider using artificial ones instead. Place them in various colors and sizes around the house and on the porch to showcase the season. 

3. Themed Wreaths

Wreaths are a beautiful, traditional accessory that fit any season. You can purchase beautiful pre-made varieties or make one. If you choose to make one, start with a wire circle and wrap leaves and flowers around it. Then, add small pine cones or pumpkins in complementary colors throughout the piece.

4. Festive Tableware

Swap out bright summery dishware with autumnal varieties. Consider decorative platters that show the changing of the leaves. Also, use plates that are orange, red, or yellow to highlight the season. For dinner parties and other gatherings, add a decorative tablecloth and cloth napkins that have birds, pumpkins, or leaf patterns on them. 


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