3 Tips for Your Perfect Shoffice, She Shed, or He Shed!

Posted by Cassandra Birdd on

What is a Shoffice? It’s also known as the backyard Shed Office! It’s the perfect place for your at home office where you can still get away to take care of business. The concept is very similar to the she shed or he shed!

Having you own Shoffice will help you in many ways. You’ll get away from pets barking and children crying right when you get on the phone, the Shoffice may be the perfect way to run your career from home.

Tip #1: Make it cozy, but not too cozy. You’ll want to be able to get work done in comfort, but you don’t want it so comfortable that you don’t get work done. Try finding a desk to fit your unique style, and adding a very comfy leather desk chair. Then add a soft cozy throw to wrap around you when it starts to get cold in Wisconsin!

Tip #2 Bring in some live plants & seasonal decor. Fresh oxygen helps to keep your brain thinking and beautiful greens have a very calming affect. Try adding some sunflower vases for a little color to inspire your creativity.

Tip #3 Stock the fridge. To avoid the temptation to just go in the house every hour, stock your fridge with all your favorite drinks and a few snacks so lunch breaks can be enjoyed in the shoffice. Having a few small snacks throughout the day can keep you more alert for the workday! You may just need a little Amish Candy to keep you going!

If you need tips for decorating your Shoffice come by the Treehouse, and we will help you make your Shoffice happen!

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