3 Tips for Hanging Wall Decor

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When you want to add an attractive and personal touch to the home, hanging wall decor around the space allows you to accent the best features. However, you must hang these items correctly so that they are cohesive and do not damage the walls. Here are several strategies for finding the perfect placement.

How Should You Position Wall Decor?

1. Frame It Correctly

While wall sculptures can stand alone, prints and canvases look best with a frame. As you are looking for the perfect frame, choose options that match the art and other features of the room. For example, choose thin, straight-edged frames for a minimalist look, or something wider and more ornate to fit elegant, classical furniture. Finally, try not to let the frame overpower the artwork; thicker and more elaborate frames look best on larger and more intricate wall decor.


2. Plan the Placement

The type of wall decor that you have should help determine its location in the home. For instance, personal art might go in the bedroom, while something you want to display to visitors can stay in the living room. Avoid hanging items in the kitchen because the humidity can damage them.

After picking a room, find an open stretch of wall that leaves some space around the edges of your piece. If you are hanging multiple items, they should balance with each other and the furniture. Try to keep art at eye level; the center of the piece should be about 57 inches off the floor.

3. Mark the Location

When placing a hook or nail for wall decor, remember that the center or top of the piece may not line up with the nail. Flip the art over and find the wire or catch, and measure how far it is from the top edge. Then use that measurement to determine where to place the nail. To make this easier, you can cut out a piece of paper with the same dimensions as the art, then mark the location of the catch on the paper. Move the paper around until you like the placement, tape it in place, then nail through the mark for the best results.


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