3 Tips for Cleaning a Vera Bradley Bag

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If you own a Vera Bradley® bag, you know these accessories have intricate, colorful patterns. Maintaining these beautiful and high-quality bags takes special care, as they can use several materials in their construction. Here are some strategies to help you clean your favorite purse, backpack, or luggage.

How Can You Maintain a Vera Bradley Bag Properly?

1. Check the Care Label

Most items, including Vera Bradley bags, have a tag inside with care instructions. This can tell you whether to hand- or machine-wash it, as well as what temperature the water should be. Some items indicate to dry-clean only, and some can burn if you try to iron them. Generally, you should hand-wash Vera Bradley items in cold water, but some are machine washable. Then, after washing the bag, leave it in a well-ventilated area so that it can air dry. If you are using a washing machine to clean it, close the zippers and buttons first. 

2. Keep Materials in Mind

One of the most significant factors in caring for a Vera Bradley bag is the material that it uses. For example, you cannot wash leather and performance twill as easily as fabric, and you must spot-treat these accessories. Also, avoid washing bags with cardboard bases because this can destroy the backing and contribute to mold growth. Likewise, performance twill and leather can lose their texture and form when wet.

3. Spot Clean Carefully

For small issues on your bag, use a nonbleach laundry pen or a mild solution of vinegar and water to remove stains on accessories that you cannot wash. If the stain is stubborn, apply a drop of detergent or dish soap and let it sit for 30 minutes before proceeding. Then, rub the pen or solution onto the spot, being careful not to get the bag too wet or soapy. Next, use a damp cloth to remove the residue. Lie the bag flat to air dry.


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