3 Tips for Adding Spring Colors to Your Patio

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The warm weather has arrived, and your patio should be the place you find cozy enough to relax and enjoy the weather.  Picture yourself sipping lemonade, reading a Christian devotional, watching the birds, and possibly even listening to a calming fountain. Sound about perfect right?  Well, it's time to make it happen.  With all the extra time you've have been spending at home, you might as well make good day dreams become a reality.

How to Add Color to Your Patio

1. Add a Solar Stained Glass Lantern

Start by adding some color to a space you use a lot.  We find that by adding a solar lantern to your patio table, you'll not only add spring and summer colors during the day, but you'll also get the added benefit of lighting the area during the night. You'll find many assorted styles at Treehouse Gift & Home.

2. Style a Wreath around the Centerpiece

For an extra spring touch, add a stylish wreath with spring florals around your

solar lantern

centerpiece.  If you have a covered patio area you could use an indoor or outdoor wreath to bring some flowers into focus.  Everything seems to feel more alive when you have added green leaves and flowers. 

3. Add a Solar Tyvek Lantern

You'll find lots of colors and variety in the shapes and sizes of these Chinese style lanterns. This hot new product just came on the market this year and will give you the soft feel of a paper-like lantern, while the tyvek will actually hold up rain, snow or sunshine! If hung close enough to a table or the ground, they can even cast a beautiful pattern of light and help make your space more cozy day and night.

So if you are looking to add a little more spring color to your patio this spring, you'll want to visit the professionals at Treehouse Gift & Home in Onalaska, WI or call to speak with a trusted associate today at 608-433-7896.

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