3 Gadgets and Utensils Every Kitchen Should Have

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Often, when searching for gifts, many people focus too heavily on finding items the recipient will enjoy on purely aesthetic or leisurely grounds. While this is usually a great way to find a treasured item, it might be more helpful to some, especially those setting up their first home, to be given basics like essential kitchen utensils. Here are a few items every kitchen should have.

Top Ideas for Kitchen Gifts

1. Cooking Knives

Quality knives are a must-have in any kitchen, since they’ll drastically reduce food preparation times and ensure consistent, clean cuts with every use. Although knives are available in a wide variety of quality metals, stainless steel is suitable for most kitchens and everyday uses. Look for a set that includes a chopping knife or cleaver, a serrated bread knife, a paring knife, and a sharpener. Encourage the recipient to clean and sharpen their knives regularly to get the most out of them.


2. Nonstick Cookware

Even the finest ingredients and most lovingly prepared recipes will be little use without quality pots and pans in which to cook them. Sets of nonstick cookware make great gifts because they can be a useful kitchen asset for years to come and they’re often overlooked by those setting up their first kitchen.

Look for sets that include two to three saucepans and frying pans of varying sizes fitted with secure, comfortable, heat-safe handles. If possible, try to find cookware that is dishwasher safe to make cleanup simpler.

3. Cutting Board

Quality kitchen knives need a sturdy, stable surface on which to use them. Plastic cutting boards are widely available, easy to clean, and affordable, but they tend to wear out after short periods of use. Wood is a better option. Although wooden cutting boards must be oiled and cleaned regularly to prevent them from wearing out or becoming permanently damaged, they can last for several years when properly maintained. On top of that, wood is durable enough to stand up to sharp edges without constantly dulling knives.


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