3 Factors to Help You Choose the Perfect Throw Pillows

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The right home decor can make a house feel like it's truly yours. One of the simplest and most effective ways to transform your space into a reflection of your tastes and personality is by using throw pillows. The following guide offers some tips to help you select the right options to instantly revamp any room. 

A Guide to Including Throw Pillows in Your Home Decorating

1. Color

To begin, pick a "color narrative" to guide your cushion choices. Use three different colors that come from different parts of the space, such as the wall, rug, bedding, or curtains. Ideally, the colors already featured in your space will belong to the same color family (for example, neutrals like taupe, tan, and cream) or the same style family (industrial style can include brown, gray, and black). 

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2. Pattern

You can also mix and match patterns as long as each one involves at least one of the colors from your three-color narrative. It's usually easier to start with your "lead" pattern, which is typically the largest and contains all three colors in your narrative. The secondary designs you choose can then only comprise one or two of the colors. Working backward and selecting a lead design from pillows you already own is much more challenging.

3. Fill

Think about the fill of each pillow and how it will affect the overall look. For example, a feather-and-down fill has greater "give" and a softer squish. Foam and other synthetic fillers are more rigid and, in general, less expensive. These pillows will keep their shape better, but they do not have the same luxury appearance.


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